Exchange 2013.. is.. Awesome.

So, over the weekend I converted one of my clients into our Exchange in the Cloud solution. Their server was a old as can be 2003 SBS server (yuck!), so getting them off this server was waaay overdue. Two weeks ago the client’s exchange server reported over 45GB of space used with just 14 accounts! […]

Long time.. How do you like your fiber… cut?

So it’s been a while.. I was really getting in to doing a post once a day, then life/work got in the way and totally blew the wind out of my sails.. Anyway.. There’s been a ton that has happened since my last post.. The most interesting thing I ran into over the last few […]

*Sigh* … Hump Day Crazies..

So.. ran out of time and didn’t have time to post my findings.. The highlight of the day was going to a clients office, and going through their pile of old hardware. While normally, that is not an issue or a day maker, I found some interesting items.. First, was a 128MB Palm Pilot SD […]

Encrypted Emails are Encrypted for a Reason..

So.. When you have a client that uses Cisco’s encryption system for emails.. that usually means they are trying to be secure, or just don’t know any better right? Those 9MB attachments are AWESOME just so you can turn around and forward it off to an email to be decrypted.. wait what? Yup. Gotta love […]

Why can’t everyone have fast internet?…

So, being in southern Georgia isn’t bad, scenically speaking.. But as a child of the internet, having zero cell signal and absolutely GARBAGE internet sucks, majorly.. Anywho, not an eventful day, basically the only thing that went on today, was myself and my boss setting up the training lab for the staff behind this convention. […]

Raid Array only 67% rebuilt? No problem!

So one of the fun things I get to do on a daily basis is that I get to work with some pretty cool stuff. One of those things, are servers. Today while my boss and I were driving to a convention in Georgia (a whole different story, 12 hour drive SUCKED). We had one […]

So there was a need..

So.. finally started a blog.. i’ve resisted for years, but heck it had to be done. I’ve been a professional IT guy for the last 4 years (damn.. it really has been 4 years..), while it’s been amazing, there have been some seriously AMAZING (sarcasm implied.) stuff that has come up. Hopefully, if I remember, […]