Install CentOS 7 on a Rock64

One of my recent projects has been to build out a solution for one of our applications that gathers data from a network. Right now it runs as a vm on esx or ovirt and will gather data all day and night, it’s fantastic. This, however, was a problem for clients that don’t have vm […]

New job, New tech, more fun!

It’s been a long time since i’ve used the blog, over a year in fact (sorry..) however, a few months ago I started a new adventure! I changed roles, industries and companies, not to mention I went from a solidified technology stack to learning a lot of new things right out the door. Today I […]

Multiple clusters on the same l2 lan? Check your Cluster id!

Over the last few weeks (possibly a month), the principle architect at work has been diligently working on converting our single staging environment to a dual staging environment. The company I work for has two datacenters in the US (geographically separated, yay..!) and over the past few months we have been working on various projects […]

HTTP2…. is…. facinating….

So i’ve been trying to do some more reading lately, and this one caught my eye.. I have been interested in web technologies for as long as I can remember, and seeing the latest drafts come through on HTTP2 is AWESOME.. Check out Daniel Stenberg’s site (, where he has a pdf that lays out […]

2008 R2 Terminal Servers and Printers……

So, at the 8-5, I am in charge of the architecture of our GE Centricity Hosted Platform. Part of that is maintaining and enhancing the Terminal Servers that clients log into. Over the last few weeks, we had been presented with an issue where users would log in to the system, go to log into […]

Some days, VB Scripting is just AWESOME.

So it’s been a while (AGAIN!), i’m such a slacker, sorry.. Last night we had to do an update for a specific version of the EHR software we host at work. While normally updates are fine, the way this specific update had to be completed resulted in the following for over 70 separate databases. 1) […]

What NOT to do on a Network… *shakes head*

So, I’ve been in Kansas City to turn up a nice new client for our Cloud Hosting, since their internet had not been kind to letting me on to check things out, we got onsite and had a not-so warm welcome to their IT infrastructure.. After arriving and checking out the machines and networking equipment, […]