So, being in southern Georgia isn’t bad, scenically speaking.. But as a child of the internet, having zero cell signal and absolutely GARBAGE internet sucks, majorly..

Anywho, not an eventful day, basically the only thing that went on today, was myself and my boss setting up the training lab for the staff behind this convention. I used a lot of what I learned not to do from last years convention in designing the layout of this training room.

The only other news was; we heard back from Dell, that Drive I talked about yesterday that decided to have both drives die within a few hours span of another? well, they corrected the inherent block errors and now the drive is 100% again.. eh?! yeah.. well, somehow a drive can get 67% rebuilt and the hand of god was telling all of the bits on that drive, it needed to be in the first 67% of the drive.. sheesh..

Anywho, exhaustion has set in so i’ll be brief. Tomorrow is when the real fun begins, we will be setting up shop in the exhibitor hall and will be talking with (potential) clients to try and get more people on board with our ASP hosting. We shall see..